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Crowdfunding for Creatives

February 24, 2016
Hosted by: Veria Marketing

Crowdfunding is about so much more than raising cash. It is about engaging your fan base, finding a way around the gatekeepers and breaking down barriers between yourself, your creative product and the rest of the world. It is ultimately about making your crazy idea and passion a reality.

This four-part webinar series is for the dreamers and creatives who want to make that happen and are willing to put in the work that crowdfunding demands. You will learn the basics of crowdfunding and receive knowledgeable advice on what has worked – and what has not worked – for others. A series of applied exercises, tips and tools over the course of four hours of instructional videos will help you build a crowdfunding campaign plan guided by a specialist with 20 years of experience in the digital marketplace.

Annelise Larson, Veria Marketing, will guide you through the steps you need to prepare, launch and follow-up a successful crowdfunding campaign. If you require additional help from Annelise Larson after completing the course, she is offering a special consulting rate for those taking the course.
Each course comes with exercises that will be emailed to you when you register and pay for the course by SMPIA.

Annelise Larson’s Consultant fee:
Non-Members: $100.00/hour A savings of 33%!
Members: $75.00/hour A savings of 50%!

Webinar Prices:
Member Price: $75.00
Non-Member Price: $175.00