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Eye on Saskatchewan – Screening Info – SASKATCHEWAN NOSTALGIA FILM


Eye on Saskatchewan has now concluded for the week. Hope to see you all next year for another look at Saskatchewan screening and expo.


Drylanders (1963)


Dir. Don Haldane

One of the National Film Board’s first feature film.  This epic drama follows the tale of a family who left Eastern Canada with intentions to settle down as wheat farmers in Southern Saskatchewan.


Who has seen the Wind (1977)


Dir. Allan King

A film that inspired many people of Saskatchewan to study and create motion pictures.  Told through the eyes of 10-year-old Brian, this richly textured motion picture chronicles a young boy’s coming of age in a small Canadian prairie town during the dust bowl years of the 1930’s depression.  


Paperback Hero (1973)


Dir. Peter Pearson

Filmed Delisle, SK.  A hockey player in a small town begins to lose his grip on reality, and starts to believe that he is a gunslinger in the Old West.




Lumsden (1975)


Dir. Peter Raymont

In the Spring of 1974, Lumsden is a town of 850 citizens that sits on a river called the Qu’Appelle.  The river doubled its volume, threatening to destroy the community.  The townspeople organized themselves to defend their town against these impossible odds.


Standing Buffalo (1968)


Dir. Joan Henson

A rug-making cooperative organized by the Sioux women of the Standing Buffalo Reserve in the Qu’Appelle Valley of southern Saskatchewan.  The Sioux, noted for their distinctive, colourful designs, show off their handicraft in great detail.


Regina Telebus (1973)


Dir. Rex Tasker

Regina reports on a successful experiment with dial-a-bus, a flexible service midway between a bus and a taxi. The idea is to provide passengers with door-to-destination transportation at an affordable cost.


Windbreaks on the Prairie (1943)


Dir. Evelyn Cherry

A cautionary tale to farmers who recklessly cut down trees on their land. When prairie farmers engaged in this practice to facilitate plowing, they discovered that the trees had served as windbreaks protecting top soil from erosion.


The Ballad of Don Quinn (1992)


Dir. Mark Wihak

The story of southern Saskatchewan’s original punk rocker and his attempts to resurrect his band a decade after their scarcely noticed demise. Years before the Sex Pistols and Hard Core Logo had the same idea.


The Slurpee Movie (1983)


Dir. Gerald Saul

Mr. Johnson has everything he could ask for.  A home with his wife and child, and well paying job.  Will his slurpee binge risk his good fortune?




“My Heart is in Regina” My Wonderful Town (1973)


CKTV’s Saskatchewan Promo with Jim Roberts