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Eye on Saskatchewan – Screening Info – CHILDREN’S CONTENT


Eye on Saskatchewan has now concluded for the week. Hope to see you all next year for another look at Saskatchewan screening and expo.

Why Am I?

7 minute episodes
Dir. Adrian Dean

It’s the question every child asks repeatedly as they explore the fascinating new world around them. Believe it or not, this curiosity is no different in the animal kingdom. There’s over 70,000 species of animals and insects in Canada! This means there’s thousands of young animals who are curious about themselves and why they’re different from their friends!  So who do these curious Canadian critters turn to for answers? LILY AND OTIS: ANIMAL EXPLORERS! This top notch team discovers the amazing, the wild, and the unusual of the Canadian animal kingdom. Kindhearted bison LILY and courageous otter OTIS are best friends who lead the charge. Along for the ride is a pack of PHEASANTS eager to lend a wing where they can! Each adventure begins when the trio receives a message from a young Canadian animal wanting to understand why they are different. Why do I have a long neck? Why do I have spots? Why am I so bouncy? The Explorers head out on a mission to help solve the mystery! Lily uses her intuition and awareness to navigate the team through the Great White North while brave and bold Otis goes to any length to gather the necessary data.Our heroes learn all about the animal and their environment. Although the curious youngster starts out timid, the journey presents an opportunity for their unique trait to be put to use, and in the process, they gain confidence.


Sonny’s World

11 minute episodes
Dir. Raquel Lopez Bouganin

Once upon a time… there was STEM

Sonny is a creature from a magical world wildly different from ours. Lina, a 6-year-old girl and Ethan, a 5-year-old boy are Sonny’s bests friends from Earth. Every time Lina and Ethan visit Sonny they get the opportunity to play all sorts of fun and exciting games such as bouncing on giant marshmallows or partaking in a shapeshifting competition. Lina and Ethan can continue to visit Sonny for as long as the portal between his world and Earth remains open. Unfortunately, two inspectors are determined to close the portal because, according to the rules, only portals connecting magical worlds are allowed. Lina, Ethan and Sonny will have to apply science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to convince the inspectors that Earth is a magical place too.




2 minute episodes
Dir. Tim Tyler

Quizzine is a guessing game TV show where preschool kids are given fun clues describing a fruit or vegetable until they figure out what it is. Once the discovery is made a delicious snack is revealed that children can make and enjoy with their parents, exposing kids to and encouraging them to eat their fruit and vegetables!