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Congratulations to SMPIA Members Nominated for Golden Sheaf Awards


The Golden Sheaf Awards will feature many film and TV productions from SMPIA members at the Yorkton Film Festival.

Digital Media
Louis Says III Interactive Appisode
Production Company: Landslide Entertainment
Director: Raquel Lopez
Producer: Lioz Bouganin

Ruth Shaw Award (Best of Saskatchewan)
Director/Producer: Janelle Blakley

Bridging Borders – Season 2
Director: Colin McNeil
Producers: Chris Triffo, Steve Allen

Etthén Heldeli: Caribou Eaters
Producer: Mike MacNaughton

The Notion
Director/Producer: John Timothy

Community Television
Ron Walsh: Blind Adventurer
Production Company: Bamboo Shoots

Maker’s Malt: Grain to Glass
Production Company: Bamboo Shoots

Documentary History & Biography
I Lived With a Killer
Director: Steve Allen
Producer: Chris Triffo

Emergency Paramedics – Season 2
Director/Producer: Tony Hrynchuk

All The Shirts I Have Owned
Director/Producer: Brian Stockton

Short Subject – Non Fiction
A Focused Portrait of Hartley Smith
Director: Kolby Kostyniuk

The Yorkton Film Festival takes place from May 23 – 26, 2019.