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For the consideration of everyone in the Saskatchewan Motion Picture Industry Association (“SMPIA”) online community, all participants need to agree to follow the SMPIA Online Code of Conduct before their registration is complete and/or to use the SMPIA website.

SMPIA encourages all registered users to have fun and explore our online world. However, while we expect all users to use common sense and to treat others with respect, there are certain activities and materials that will not be permitted:

Unacceptable Materials

Registered users of the SMPIA website will not display, upload, post, or distribute any communication that may be considered offensive or illegal or inappropriate:

Such materials include text, graphics, or multimedia files that:

Unacceptable Activities

Users of the SMPIA website may not:


Failure to comply with the SMPIA online Code of Conduct could result in:

Community Moderation

The SMPIA website is moderated by the staff of SMPIA and/or paid contractor(s).

In addition to the website staff, all users of the SMPIA website are encouraged to participate in “community moderation”. This means that you are given the power to tell us what you think is inappropriate website behaviour for other registered users of the SMPIA website.

In such cases, please send us an email at

Personal Safety

Even though most of the people you’ll meet while using the SMPIA website are good people like yourself, there’s always a chance that someone using the system may have dangerous or inappropriate intentions. Remember, people you communicate with on the Internet may be very different people in person. There are a few basic rules you can follow protect yourself:

Personal Information

Never communicate your personal information to people you don’t know. Your private information is just that – private. Never reveal this information through email, uploading it to any pages on the SMPIA website, or posting it to a public discussion forum.

Your personal information includes:

As a general rule, never post personal information unless you know who’s reading it. Sending an email to a friend, where only this friend can read it, is very different from posting information on SMPIA website web pages, where the other users of the SMPIA website can see it.