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SMPIA is a provincial, member-based non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Established in 1986, SMPIA represents all personnel related to the making and exhibiting of media productions from beginners to veteran professionals. SMPIA’s job is to be a catalyst for change, to facilitate interaction between people working in these media, and to help to create an environment that provides opportunities for the production, promotion and appreciation of media production in Saskatchewan.


To build a professional, production-friendly environment where members of the Saskatchewan media production industry flourish.


SMPIA represents members of the media and screen-based production industry of Saskatchewan through communication, training and advocacy.


To build a favourable economic and creative climate for the media and screen-based production industry, today and in the future.

To cultivate a positive image of the industry in Saskatchewan and an appreciation of its creative accomplishments.

To provide leadership and foster co-operation through discussion forums, decision-making, and policy development in the interests of the media and screen-based production community.