Student Film Day!


(It’s a School Holiday!)

Our kick-off event is open to all 13 to 18 year olds interested in making Films.

If you are interested in directing, camera operation, sound, editing and/or acting, this FREE one day workshop is meant for YOU!

Come join us for the day to film and edit your very own short film while under the mentorship of professional filmmakers. Your finished production will be shown at our amazing “Behind the Screen” event happening at the Regina SoundStage on Tuesday, November 14th from 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM. All your friends and family will be welcome to attend!

STUDENT FILM DAY has limited availability and spots will fill up fast.
Want to take part?
There’s no cost but you must apply by filling out an application form (see link below). Selection will be based on the answers you provide.

*For those interested in directing – you’ll also need to submit a 3 page script (in standard screenplay format) that you’ve written. It should call for between 1 to 3 actors. Scripts that contain more than 3 actors or are written in non-standard screenplay format can’t be considered.
Please do not submit a screenplay with scenes that require special effects or elaborate sets. You will have access to the SoundStage and surrounding outside areas. Minimal props and furniture is best. Basic standard script format requirements can be found HERE.

• Deadline for applications is Sunday, October 29th 11:59 PM CST

• Participants who have been selected to take part in the workshop will be notified Monday, November 6th.


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