New Producer Resources

If you are new to producing or just new to our province, SMPIA welcomes you!

Become a SMPIA member

Membership Privileges: Access to professional development opportunities and services, all SMPIA publications including its weekly newsletter (E-Buzzzz), and inclusion in the SMPIA Online Membership Directory, access to such events as Showcase, Annual General Meeting, volunteer recognition, various festivals, socials and more, inclusion in the quarterly Saskatchewan Production Guide.

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Identify crew members for work on a production

SMPIA's Online Membership Directory contains information on potential crew members.  You can search by position, department or name and view resumes and head shots.   

To access the directory click here.

For producer mentorships visit the following websites:

Canadian Media Production Association (CMPA): 
National Screen Institute (NSI):

If you are looking to find financial funding, some organizations you can contact are:

Creative Saskatchewan:
Telefilm Canada:
Canada Media Fund:
Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative:

When requesting financial funding, you must ensure you have all required documentation. Below is a suggested outline for a project requesting funds:

  • Cover letter
  • Synopsis
  • Show concept and/or treatment
  • Outline of project’s relevance and appeal
  • Project format
  • Production Schedule
  • Project Budget
  • Financial Plan
  • Resumes of Key Creative Personnel/Cast/Crew
  • Corporate profile
  • Marketing and Publicity Plan

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