New to the Film Industry

Here are some frequently asked questions about getting started in the Film & Television Industry:

I have a show idea or script, who do I call?

SMPIA’s Online Membership Directory can be an excellent tool for finding a producer to submit your project too.  The Online Membership Directory lists all of the current Production companies in the province that are SMPIA members, and includes a description of the type of work that the company does. 

You can use the Directory to find a company that does projects that are similar in nature to the idea that you have.  Many companies will have a policy for submission of new ideas.  It is best to contact them by email in advance of submission to inquire as to how they prefer to receive information from you.

To be included in SMPIA's Online Membership Directory, become a member by clicking here.

How do I get work as an extra?

Working as an extra can be an excellent way to witness the workings of the film industry without quitting your day job.  It can enable you to get a sense of the different roles involved in production and help determine if this may be the industry for you.

Casting Calls for extras are generally distributed to agents by Extras Casting Directors.  Check out SMPIA’s Online Membership Directory for assistance in locating Casting Directors and Agents in Saskatchewan by clicking here.

What training is available in Saskatchewan?

What are the unions and guilds in Saskatchewan?

What is the DGC?

The Director’s Guild of Canada (DGC) is a national organization that represents the people who are involved in the management and logistics of a film production.  The Guild negotiates contract, ensures professionalism and provides various training workshops throughout the year for Locations Production Assistants, Office Production Assistants, Production Accountants and others, as the need arises.

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What is the IATSE Union?

IATSE (International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees) is a labour organization that represents professional film crews. It’s also a governing body that ensures the quality of film crews and negotiates contracts between crews and productions.  It is not easy to get into the Union; but once you do, as a full member, you will be called first for any Union shoot.  This also means that you will be entitled to Union rates of pay.  Permitees (non-union workers) are allowed to work on Union shoots when no other Union members available to work.  Large-scale productions usually hire union crews.  The film industry in Saskatchewan is union based.  Set Protocol and Set Safety courses are required for IATSE memberships. Regina is represented by Local IATSE 295.  Saskatoon and Northern Saskatchewan is represented by IATSE 300.  All camera positions are represented in Western Canada by IATSE 669.

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Tell me about ACTRA.

ACTRA (Alliance of Canadian Cinema Television and Radio Artists) represents most Canadian professional actors.

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