Did you know?


    • Saskatchewan's industry has attracted stars like Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Ryan Reynolds, Al Pacino, Richard Chamberlain, Mischa Barton, Jamie Foxx, Bill Pullman, Forrest Whitaker, Christian Slater, and worldclass directors like Terry Gilliam and Jennifer Lynch. 

    • Saskatchewan-made television series Corner Gas is ranked as one of the top Canadian television series of all time.

    • Little Mosque on the Prairie, shot partially in Regina and Indian Head, premiered to a record breaking 2.1 million viewers and now airs in 160 countries.

    • Saskatchewan Film and TV Producers have brought our province’s historical figures to life including former Premier Tommy Douglas, politician Colin Thatcher and aboriginal leader Big Bear.

    • Saskatchewan productions have received numerous accolades including the Emmy, Gemini and Banff Rockie as well as recognition at the prestigious Cannes, Toronto and Sundance Film Festivals

    • One of Canada’s first cross-platform television series, renegadepress.com, was created in Saskatchewan by Verite Films.

    • Regina-based Talking Dog Studios developed the technology and created the Augmented Reality images for the launch of the marketing campaign for Legendary Pictures' Godzilla movie

    • Incredible Story Studio filmed in Regina in the late 1990’s was a ground-breaking example of audience interactivity with the viewer writing the stories that appeared on the program

    • In 2009, the University of Saskatchewan became the first school in Canada to offer courses on developing iPhone applications

    • The Tim Horton's mobile application "Timmy Me" was created in Saskatoon by interactive company, zu

    • Super Stick Golf, an iphone game that spent much of December 2010 on the "Top 25 Paid Apps" list in iTunes stores in four countries, was created by programmer, Jordan Schidlowsky, and graphic artist, Ty Bader from Saskatoon

    • Filmed in Saskatchewan , The Messengers starring Kristin Stewart, John Corbett, Penelope Ann Miller and Dylan McDermott had a $15 Million US Box Office opening.

    • In 2010 two of the Academy Award nominated animated pictures had Saskatchewan ties: Gabe Hordos, Lead Character Animator for Dreamworks’ How to Train your Dragon, trained in Regina, and Paul Dutton, Animation Director for The Illusionist is from Yorkton.

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