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Cross-Platform Training Programs

OCAD Graduate Program in Digital Futures 

Launching in September 2011, the new graduate program in Digital Futures is a unique, practice-based program for future innovators, leaders and creators of digital media and new technologies. The program is situated within the Digital Futures Initiative (DFI) at OCAD University, a set of new cross-disciplinary programs in practice, research and innovation related to digital media and its emergent developments. The DFI builds on OCAD U's historic strength in digital curriculum and research, providing ongoing innovation and foresight in curriculum, teaching and creative digital practice. 

Simon Fraser University School of Interactive Arts and Technology

The School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at SFU is an 
interdisciplinary future-focused school where technologists, artists, designers 
and theorists collaborate in innovative research and immersive study.

TELUS Interactive Art and Entertainment Program

The CFC Media Lab TELUS Interactive Art & Entertainment Program (IAEP) is Canada's first post-graduate training and production program based on a philosophy that compelling content is created though a collaborative process harnessing a wide range of creative skills and talents.

Team-based, self-directed and project-driven, the TELUS IAEP merges collaborative exploration with the fundamentals of new media, with a particular emphasis on narrative theory and storytelling. Residents learn from a variety of perspectives including academic, industrial, artistic, technological, and practical.

CFC Interactive Narrative Feature Program

Launched in 2003, CFC Media Lab created the Interactive Narrative Feature Program (INFP) to experiment with the creation, development, production, financing, marketing and distribution of interactive feature films.

The INFP seeks to build Canadian capacity in interactive narrative production by conducting the following activities:

  • To develop, prototype, finance, produce and bring to market experimental dramatic interactive narrative features.  
  • To engage the best available talents to ensure that we create cultural content that is innovative, interactive, narrative-driven for audiences we have defined.
  • To design and then make available learning materials outlining the INFP collaborative model for developing interactive features.
  • To measure the feature's popular impact and deliver an audience development report. 

CFC Media Lab NBC Universal Multiplatform Matchmaking Program

The NBC Universal Multiplatform Matchmaking Program (MMP) is for experienced professionals from across Canada working in the traditional media and interactive industries.

The MMP is designed to explore the creative and the commercial challenges of developing multiplatform content from the ground up for a changing media landscape. Participants are immersed in a week long intensive exploration of creative and business strategy development, culminating in the creation of a new multiplatform product or service idea.

Led by UK’s renowned Crossover Lab, MMP participants will have the opportunity to work alongside international experts and mentors and will present their ideas to a jury of experts at the end of the program.

MMP labs focus equally on process and outcome. Practical and dynamic, the labs:

  • Equip participants with the knowledge and skills to develop interactive media projects
  • Explore new techniques for developing multiplatform programs and services
  • Encourage fresh thinking about interaction with viewers and users, through user-centered design processes
  • Provide a framework for the development of concrete projects
  • Result in the building of pitches and early stage concept prototypes


Developing writers get an opportunity to break into the video game industry as narrative designers and the chance to earn an internship with a Canadian game studio.

Part-time training. Keep your day-job while training – please note that this program includes the possibility of an internship which could require your full-time commitment.

Not for people who already have a design credit in the game industry. If you have previously worked as a game designer and/or have a design credit on an existing game product your application will not be considered for NSI playWRITE.

Centre for Digital Media's Masters of Digital Media (MDM) Program

The MDM Program is a 20-month professional graduate degree jointly awarded by the four major public post-secondary institutions in Vancouver, Canada - the University of British Columbia; Simon Fraser University; Emily Carr University of Art + Design and the British Columbia Institute of Technology. This innovative program provides our students with practical team-based experience through industry-relevant curriculum and real-world industry-funded projects. Students work together to develop essential team-building, communications, and project management skills, preparing them for careers as creators, practitioners and senior managers in the rapidly-growing video game and digital media industry.

Sheridan Interactive Multimedia

The Sheridan Interactive Multimedia one year post grad college program in Oakville, Ontario, Canada (greater Toronto) has a mandate to train designers, programmers and managers in all three of these disciplines with an overall push towards creativity.  Interactive Multimedia focuses on designing digital environments in which end users can create content, not just navigate through content.

Guru Digital Arts College

Guru Digital Arts College currently offers three full-time diploma programs.

  • Digital Media Production: Learn the foundations of digital media production (print, web and rich media design primarily) from both a skills perspective as well as an exposure to the theory behind what goes into great design. Implement this knowledge in a series of guided projects and develop a unique, targeted portfolio to launch your digital media production career. Learn more about the Digital Media Production Diploma!
  • Interaction Design and Game-Level Development: Focusing on the craft of interactive digital storytelling and user experience, learn the skills and knowledge needed to work in both the corporate and entertainment sectors of the Interaction Design field. Part design, part engineering, and all digital. Learn more about the Interaction Design and Game-Level Development Diploma!
  • Digital Illustration and Sequential Art: Designed to meet the growing need for qualified entry-level illustrators and sequential artists, graduates from this program enter the job market as illustrators in advertising, publishing, digital publishing, comic books/graphic novels, concept artist/visual development in video games and film, editorial illustration and many other growing fields. This exciting new program is unique in Western Canada and offers an opportunity to work directly with one of the most renowned comic book creators in the business. Learn more about the Digital Illustration and Sequential Art Diploma!

The Centre for Creative Communications

The Centre for Creative Communications is the home of the School of Communications, Media and Design at Centennial College providing industry recognized and applied post-secondary and post-graduate programs including:

Interactive Digital Media - a post-graduate, collaborative and project-driven program that prepares you for today’s world of interactive technology, media and innovation.

The Children's Entertainment: Writing, Production and Management Program - a new and one-of-a-kind post-graduate program focused on writing, production and management, preparing you for a new career as a highly-skilled children's content producer.

Vancouver Film School Game Design Program

The Game Design program at VFS takes you from concept to alpha to beta to final in just one year. You work closely with video game industry mentors in an immersive environment that mirrors that of a professional studio as you design, produce, and present fully playable games. Storytelling, level design, game art, motion capture, scripting, cinematics, and the business of games are all just a part of what you will learn.

Banff Centre Interactive Designer Work Study

This work study program provides the opportunity to create dynamic and engaging designs while working collaboratively with programmers and animators on developing new media projects. The participant will develop their design skill, as well as their abilities to technically assess project tasks and meet project targets. The participant will also advance their ability to create in/for interactive spaces, and will develop collaborative and communication skills through work with both artists and program participants.

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Technical Training

University of Saskatchewan

The Department of Computer Science is a community of individuals who are excited about the dynamic discipline of Computer Science. Together, we explore our discipline to discover new ways in which computing can change the lives of people everywhere!

University of Regina, Computer Science Department

The Department of Computer Science offers programs of study related to computing, information technology and software design and application 

Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST)

The Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (SIAST) is Saskatchewan’s primary public institution for skills training and technical education, recognized nationally and internationally. SIAST has a variety of programs that offer hands-on training in Web development, interactive media and digital graphic design. 

New Media Campus

New Media Campus, over the past 10 years of operation, has been providing talent for production companies worldwide. Electronic Arts, Rockstar Games, Blue Castle, and Bioware are just a few examples of the companies that are employing New Media Campus graduates. New Media Campus is pleased to announce that commencing September 2009, we will be providing 3D Animation and Multimedia Professional Studies.

New Media Manitoba

New Media Manitoba (NMM), is a non-profit association of professionals that advocate and provide focused training, support and guidance to the new media business and development community. They are an authorized Apple and Adobe Training center and offer regular hands-on courses in Apple and Adobe programs.

Max the Mutt Animation School Concept Art for Animation & Video Games Program

The Concept Art Diploma Program has been developed to meet the increasing level of proficiency required by the video game and animation industries. This program offers a rigorous, in-depth curriculum based on suggestions and portfolio requirements from major video-game producers and animation companies. This unique four-year diploma program includes a mix of fine art, illustration, animation, and cartooning courses, as well as concept courses and instruction in all necessary computer software from Photoshop to Maya. 

Internship Programs

CMPA Digital Media Production Program

The Digital Media Production Program offers participants the opportunity to gain work experience in the film, television and interactive media production industry. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Career Focus Program, the Digital Media Production Program emphasizes administration, management and technical skills in today’s rapidly changing knowledge economy in the digital world.

CMPA Telefilm Producer Trainee Program

This program gives members of visible minority groups and people of Aboriginal descent the opportunity to gain above-the-line production experience. The program emphasizes one-on-one mentoring in a production environment, creating enhanced professional development opportunities for emerging and mid-level professionals. Their on-the-job training creates employment prospects, gives participants production credits, solidifies their skills, and allows them to compete for mid-level positions in the sector. 

CHRC Career Focus Youth Internship Program (YIP)

Offered through CHRC in partnership with Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Career Focus), this program provides opportunities for organizations to hire emerging cultural workers for a 4 to 12 month full time internship. It also helps post-secondary graduates to obtain career-related work opportunities in culture to gain the skills, work experience and abilities they need to make a successful transition to the workplace.

Any cultural incorporated organizations in the private or public sector (in the areas of heritage, writing & publishing, music & sound recording, visual arts & crafts, live performing arts, new media and audio visual), that are stable and financially healthy may apply. They must be willing to invest time and money in the development of their sector's workforce.

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Industry Canada Small Business Internship Program 

(for Online Marketing and E-Business opportunities)

The Small Business Internship Program is a Government of Canada program that is administered by the Department of Industry. The program provides financial support to Canadian small and medium-sized businesses to employ a student-intern who can assist them in increasing the usage of e-business strategies to improve their productivity and competitiveness in the marketplace. 

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