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November 25, 2011

On December 5th, the University of Regina Computer Science 207 class is hosting an Interactive Gadget Project Day to unveil projects they have created this semester.  CS 207 is a second-year computer science course about interactive embedded hardware and digital devices, based on the arduino platform. Students start with a basic microprocessor and build a large-scale project around sensors, actuators and code. They invite the industry to come and see the amazing things the students can do! 


First Weekend Club, a national, non-profit organization that seeks to build audiences for, and awareness of, great Canadian films is nearing the end of their IndieGoGo Campaign to fund a beta site for the creation of an online VOD service dedicated to Canadian Films.  You can read more or support this great initiative at:

A couple weeks ago a series of 5 blog posts on Transmedia Business Models by transmedia designer and entrepreneur Brian Clark were featured on the blog of Transmedia pioneer Henry Jenkins.  An interesting read for those seeking demysitfication of the financing process and definitions for different types of Transmedia.  If you missed them, here are the links to all five installments: 


And finally, on Halloween, Transmedia's elite gathered at the Storyworld Conference in San Francisco.  There have been many online summaries of the experience, which was touted to be one of the most creative and inspiring learning environments on the evolving medium to date.  One of my favorite is this lovely summary by Tribeca Film on the State of Transmedia creation today. 


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