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May 06, 2011

Some big news stories in the past week covered both by traditional news and the online world.  For me, using the internet as a "second screen" while watching television coverage has provided more diversity of opinion and the ability to instantaneously get more indepth coverage of the issues that matter to me.  An excellent example of using digital creativity and tools to cover an news story came from the New York Times.  This interactive experience allowed people to rate how they feel about the death of Osama Bin Laden, and provided an illustration and an archive of dissenting opinions.  One can spend a moment or an hour, participate or just consume, and the experience is dictated entirely by the user.  A big thumbs up to them!
A new app is out that aims to become a popular tool for location-based storytelling.  It has lots of potential for transmedia characters, advertising and brands, and for consumers themselves. One to watch.
Have you checked out the line-up for the Yorkton Film Festival?  They have some good stuff for those interested in digital storytelling. 
On Friday, the team from One Ocean will be disecting the process and business of creating award winning multi-platform stories.  Merit Motion Pictures and Tactica Interactive Communications will take the audience through exactly how they worked together to create an award winning TV documentary and interactive component and what they learned along the way.  
Then on Saturday, they have a transmedia panel featuring Caitlin Burns of Starlight Runner Entertainment, arguably one of the leading companies for Transmedia Storytelling.  I had the chance to catch her in Vancouver last year, and I'm beyond pumped about seeing her speak again.  She is accompanied by Erica Hargreave who is a Canadian pioneer in creating characters who live online; Rob McLaughlin the former Head of the NFB's digital division and the architect for much of the amazing interactive work being done by the NFB; and our own Rob Bryanton one of the first in Canada to use Augmented Reality and whose stuff continually puts Saskatchewan on the world stage.  This promises to be a fabulous discussion.  
Some other good links this week:

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If you have found the work of the DMI valuable personally, please let us know!  We are collecting stories of impact regarding our first year.
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