Associations & Support Organizations

Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association (SMPIA)

SMPIA is a provincial, member-based non-profit organization that is governed by a volunteer board of directors. Established in 1985, SMPIA acts as an advocate for all personnel related to the making and exhibiting of film, video and interactive media, from beginners to professionals. SMPIA’s job is to be a catalyst for change, to facilitate interaction between people working in these media, and to help to create an environment that provides opportunities for the production, promotion and appreciation of motion picture in Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association (SATA)

The Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association (SATA) is an advanced technology focused industry association comprised of some 200 Saskatchewan companies. SATA supports the emergence and growth of entrepreneurial companies to further develop and strengthen the advanced technology industry in our province.  We provide a support network for small to medium sized Saskatchewan companies by developing and implementing education, networking, market research and advocacy programs.

Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association (SaskInteractive)

Saskatchewan Interactive Media Association Inc. is the professional organization representing interactive media developers in Saskatchewan. As that professional voice, SaskInteractive represents members involved in the development of content-based interactive digital media, as well as consumers and stakeholders. The Association acts on behalf of its members to represent their views to Government, Industry, the News Media, and to the general public.

Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership (STEP)

Operating as a government/industry partnership, STEP champions the province’s export industry and assists provincial businesses in realizing global marketing opportunities while finding custom solutions for Saskatchewan exporters.

STEP's programs include:

Saskatchewan Trade & Export Partnership’s Market Access Program (MAP) is a program designed to support the domestic and international marketing efforts of STEP regular members. Funds are provided to assist STEP regular member companies in entering new markets or are entering into a new market sector or market segment outside of Saskatchewan.

Financial assistance may be provided to STEP regular members that are:

  • Exhibiting in a trade show or trade event or trade mission in a new export market outside of Saskatchewan.
  • Participating and/or exhibiting in STEP-led trade missions, trade event or trade shows.


Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)

Our goal at the CMPA is to promote and stimulate the Canadian production industry. As a non-profit trade association we represent almost 400 film, television and interactive media companies across the country. We negotiate and manage labour agreements, and actively lobby the federal and provincial governments on various policy areas including taxation, trade, copyright, broadcasting and film. Our National Mentorship Program trains young people to meet the demands of this evolving industry. The association also holds an annual networking conference, Prime Time in Ottawa, where we release Profile, our state of the industry report featuring the industry's most comprehensive statistics. We also publish the GUIDE, Canada's production industry directory.

Canadian Interactive Alliance (CIAIC)

The Canadian Interactive Alliance/Alliance Interactive Canadienne is made up of seven interactive provincial organizations including SaskInteractive


Wavefront is a not-for-profit commercialization centre accelerating the growth of Canada's wireless and new media companies. Wavefront improves speed-to-market and delivery of mobile applications and devices by providing emerging companies with a suite of WaveGuide™ training, mobile industry advisory services, incubation office space and testing resources. Wavefront also helps to facilitate commercial engagement between the mobile ecosystem (mobile operators, platform providers, device manufacturers), enterprise companies and the innovative developers in Canada and Pacific Northwest.

Wireless Industry Partnership Connector (WIP)

WIP is the connector in the mobile industry, supporting the overall ecosystem by encouraging discussions, co-creation and exchange. Making the path easier for mobile developers/ISVs, to reduce cycle times and increase innovation in the mobile ecosystem. 

National Angel Capital Organization

The National Angel Capital Organization is a non-profit industry association for Angel investors, their groups and their networks. NACO promotes a vibrant Angel community and culture in Canada through the development of formal Angel investor groups, best practices education and mentoring programs, and the formation of collaboration and co-investment mechanisms to encourage an efficient risk capital market in Canada. They make no investments themselves, but provide referrals to services and to groups that can help entrepreneurs to grow their business.

Saskatchewan Angel Investor Network

Saskatchewan Angel Investor Network (SAINT) is a unique, new organization that connects capital-ready entrepreneurs with angel investors. The organization creates new business growth, stimulates the economy and generates return on investment.

Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association

If you want to rub shoulders with marketing and advertising people in Saskatchewan in order to learn, share or collaborate then the Saskatchewan Professional Marketing Association aims to deliver. We're a casual group with creative members and we're all made of Kapow!

Independent Media Arts Alliance

The Independent Media Arts Alliance is a non-profit national arts service organization that promotes and advances the interests of a vibrant media arts community. Representing over 80 independent film, video, and new media production, distribution, and exhibition organizations in all parts of Canada, the IMAA serves over 12,000 independent media artists and cultural workers. 

MaRS: Building Canada's Next Generation of Growth Companies

MaRS is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need. Where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas. And where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time.

Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan

The Entrepreneurial Foundation of Saskatchewan Inc. (EFS or The Foundation) is a key resource for developing Saskatchewan entrepreneurial organizations. Through its broad network of partners, clients, contacts and diverse resources (internal and external), the Foundation supports entrepreneurs as they seek financing to grow, transition and/or become financially stable. As EFS, itself, grows and develops, it is discovering new techniques and efficiencies that contribute towards achieving its key objective: 


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